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Bizargan is a live, television and internet auction which broadcasts live from Los Angeles, CA almost every evening of the year.
Bizargan Liquidates products of almost every category, including electronics, laptops and tablets, phone accessories, headphones, home goods which include bath,bedroom, and kitchen items, named-brand apparel, quality jewelry, baby and kid stuff, sports and fitness items, tools and home improvement items, health and beauty items, including hair tools, perfumes and massagers, grocery items, including paper products, detergents and non-perishable foods, and many, many more...
The product that Bizargan auctions off are in a wide variety of conditions, e.g., everything from salvage to new, the person describing the item on Bizargan will do his/her best to show and disclose the item as accurately and completely as possible, but, regardless, like any auction, everything on the auction is sold As-Is unless specified otherwise.
First, create an account by selecting the Login/Register tab or the My Account Tab, then selecting the Register tab under “Create New Account”. You will then receive an email which you must clink the link to confirm before your account becomes active. It will also give you your personal Bidder ID for the Bizargan Auction. Now you will be ready to start Bidding!
Everything on the auction is sold AS-IS, unless specifically stated otherwise.
We suggest you first check your spam folder as it can end up there. If not, log in to your account using your registered email and password. There you will find a button to have the confirmation email resent. If that fails, please contact us.
Head over to and this will guide you to reset your password.
Log in to your online account using your registered email address and password and it will show you what your ID is on the left side.
Make sure we are scheduled for that time. Your Internet connection may not be strong enough for the video. Please verify that you have a minimum of a 1.5 mb download. Verify you have the latest version of Flash Player.
There may be several reasons why the video stream has stopped: We may simply have had to stop the stream. We may be experiencing technical issues. Verify you are connected to the internet.
Unfortunately there is a delay with both TV and the Internet video streams. That is how the internet is. Typically we are finding a three (3) second delay for TV and a two to twenty (2- 20) second delay for the internet stream. We generally see a two (2) second delay on home connections but some may see more. We are sorry that there is nothing we can do to improve your situation. All you can try is to refresh the player if it looks way out of sync with the online bid board which is always real time and up-to-date. Tip: To minimize delay, make sure you have no other applications running in the background, or on your network.
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