Terms of Service

1. Accepting the Terms

1.1 By using any services of Bizargan, you are agreeing to the terms of service and all policy’s of Bizargan. 1.2 Do not use the Services if you are not legally allowed to or you deny the terms and policies. 1.3 You should print off or save a local copy for your records.

2. Language of the Terms

2.1 There is only a translation of English, the English terms will govern your relationship with Bizargan. 2.2 If there is a contradiction between what language and what a translation says, then the English version will take precedence.

3. Passwords and Account Security

3.1 You agree that you are responsible for maintaining confidentiality of your information. 3.2 You agree you are solely responsible for all activities that occur under your account.

4. Privacy and Personal Information

4.1 Bizargan uses data protection practices and other trusted third party protection services to ensure your data is secure.

5. Proprietary Rights

5.1 Without Bizargan's permission, you may not use any images, marks, logos, domain names, and other brand features. 5.2 If you have been given right to use any of the above, you must hand over all material or information to a Bizargan administrator.

6. Ending your relationship with Bizargan

6.1 If you want to end your legal agreement, please close your account(s) immediately. 6.2 Bizargan has made this possible by going to your account page and clicking "Cancel Account" 6.3 Bizargan may at any time, terminate your legal agreement with you if: (1) your account is compromised. (2) you break any of Bizargan's terms or policy's. (3) Bizargan is required to do so by law. 6.5 If you are terminated, we will take the following actions to block you from our services. (1) Blocking your IP address. (2) Banning you from the services. (3) Removing all data from your account.

7. Your Rights

7.1 Bizargan reserves the right to "ban" or remove you from any of our services, for any reason.

8. Exclusion and Limitation of Liability

8.1 Bizargan is not responsible for data loss or damage incurred by you. 8.2 Bizargan is not responsible for negligence of the users.

9. Changes to the Terms

9.1 Bizargan may change these terms or additional terms occasionally. 9.2 If these terms are changed, we encourage you to visit http://bizargan.com/tosfor any changes made. 9.3 Please check back periodically for any changes.
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